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Ask them to collect pledges or pay an entry fee, and offer prizes for the team with the most creative design and the best-performing egg protector. Some less tech-savvy guests may be inexperienced with augmented reality features, so be ready to provide assistance for virtual fundraising ideas like this. Fancy, splashy galas and balls are exciting, but they cost a lot. Digital fundraisers, specifically peer-to-peer fundraisers, cost less and are far more profitable.
The room itself will be picture perfect and the satisfying pop of the balloon bursts will entice crowds to take part in the fundraiser. Source a desirable prize and sell items with a special ‘golden ticket’ hidden inside – Willy Wonka Style! Something you would want to win in a raffle, such as a holiday, experience, $500 gift-card, etc. Hide multiple prizes to maintain interest in purchasing the items. You can go for the traditional chocolate bar or something more in line with your organization’s interests. Pick people who are active in your community or organization and people with strong personalities.
For other fundraising tips and resources, Donorbox has several articles to help. Online fundraising has continued to grow as technology advances. You can choose to stick to a theme or find the best items you can. It is crucial to get local companies involved when holding one of these events. Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas are not the only ones who benefit from a healthy fire department.
They can pre-sell the advertising to sponsors thus ensuring an extra profit from the sale of the fundraising calendars. Since 2003 we have maintained the trust of our customers and continuously seek the most innovative fundraising website solutions. The first step for the Color Run committee is finding the ideal space to host a color run fundraiser. Ideally, a closed space, such as a school football field or track, or a large parking lot would be a great option. Allow for ample space for spectators to cheer on the runners as well. The venue should also have a dedicated area for warming up with dancing or yoga, and the after-party, where you can provide music, drinks, and food.
Celebrate the start of the school year by hosting a family-friendly carnival. Charge admission and offer fun activities like a spook alley, dunk tank, miniature roller coaster, and ring toss. To raise extra money for your organization, have volunteers sell water and popsicles to your parade spectators. Take your fundraising efforts to the next level and give back to Mother Earth on this next Earth Day. Have your supporters give a donation in exchange for flowers planted at their home.
Once a supporter completes your 5K, send them a virtual medal they can share on social media or a t-shirt branded to your organization. Have attendees pay a little extra to enter the ugly sweater contest. Your other partygoers can vote for their favorites with their dollars. Announce the winner at the end of the night and give them a great prize.
An easy way to get your workplace in the holiday spirit, help a good cause, and take some of the stress out of holidays is by hosting a gift wrapping day! Use Mightycause’s custom donation suggestions to tell them how many gifts their donation will pay for them to have wrapped. To really stoke the flames of competition, partner with other companies to see whose office can raise the most money for charity! Team fundraising on Mightycause is perfect for this, because you’ll be able to get real-time updates on who’s coming out on top on the leaderboard.
Engage with local businesses by offering them opportunities to sponsor events, donate goods or services, or provide discounts to supporters. A great way to get started is by brainstorming fundraising ideas. People love to buy merchandise that pays tribute to their local community and reminds them of a great memory. This form of fundraising works best when it’s an addition to other fire department fundraising ideas.